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LeBoy - Maxximum - Rare tracks ID!
Auteur: tkk (IP enregistrée)
Date: le 23 May 2017 à 10:24

Hello everyone,

Been digging in my collection of 12" again and found a few really cool tracks from 90-91 and the time Maxximum dominated the airwaves winking smiley

The Rhythm Section - Love and Emotion

Jazz Got Soul - Housework

D-Key - Bust the new jam

The beat pirate - A guy called bat

Limelife - Cause you're right on time

4 slots for bill - Tooooo

Got plenty more to post but this should do for now grinning smiley

ENJOY (and sorry about my Anglais winking smiley

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LeBoy - Maxximum - Rare tracks ID! 576 tkk 23/05/2017 10:24

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