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Mega Maxx
Auteur: Moustik (IP enregistrée)
Date: le 23 October 2011 à 17:34

Tel que diffusé aujourd'hui même sur la webradio Double XX, je vous propose mon 'happy birthday Maxximum" (23 octobre oblige...), qui compile 100 Hits Maxx en 60 minutes :

Janet Jackson - Miss you Much (Sample)
Brand new heavies - Dream on dreamer
Jamestown feat. Jocelyn Brown - She's Got Soul
Kenny Thomas - Thinking About Your Love (Sample)
Pepsi & Shirlie - Someday
Amy Grant - Baby Baby
Robbie Nevil - Just Like You
Lindy Layton - Echo my heart
Beats International - Just be good to me (sample)
Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem pour un con 90 (sample)
Cool T - The Rhythm
Color me badd - I Wanna Sex You Up (Sample)
FMT - Suzanne
Brand New Heavies - Never Stop (Sample)
Enigma - Sadeness (Sample)
Snap - Ooops Up (Sample)
Lisa Stansfield - You can deny It
Chyp Notik - If I can't Have you
Fidelfatti - Just wanna Touch Me (acap)
Caron Wheeler - Livin in the Light
FMZ - 50 Ways to Leave your Lover (sample)
Deee Lite - Try me on I'm very You (sample)
Quartz - Naked Love
Deff Boyz - Swing
Prince - Gett Off
Snap - Cult Of Snap (sample)
KLF - Justified & Ancient
The Farm - All Together Now
Deee Lite - What Is Love
Clive Griffin - I'll be Waiting
Cathy Dennis - Everybody Move
Lisa Fisher - Save Me
KLF - 3 AM Eternal (sample)
Cathy Dennis - Touch me (All Night Long)
Latour - People are Still having sex (sample)
Information Society - Walking Away
Klangberg - Klangberg (sample)
Joy Salinas - Rockin' Romance
Chanelle - One man (loop)
ABC - Love conquiers all
Adamski - The Space Jungle
Spectrum - Brazil (sample)
Joy - Shine On (sample)
DSK - What would we Do
X Pansions - Move your Body
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit 'Em
Collapse - My love (sample)
Cola Boy - 7 ways to Love (sample)
Level 2 - I Feel You Baby
Shamen - Move any Mountain (Sample)
Monie Love Vs Adeva - Ring My Bell
KLF - Last Train To Trancentral (Sample)
Daisy Dee (MCcool smiley - Crazy
Pet Shop Boys - where the streets
D Rail & Randy B - Bring it on Down
Mixmasters - In the Mix
R.A.F. - We gonna Get
Monie Love - Down to Earth
Citizen Kane - Everybody May be Wrong
Sabrina - Cover Model
Synthesis - Walking Away (Sample)
Amnesia - From Here to Eternity
Abyale - I wanna be your Lover too (acap)
Katherine E - I'm Alright
LFO - LFO (sample)
Space Trax - Atomic Playboy (Sample)
Adonis - No way back
Fiction - Fantasy World
Electronic - Getting away with it
LFO - Brainstorm
Barbecue Productions - Le père Noel... (sample)
Sounds of Blackness - The Preassure (Sample)
Angel Ice - Je n'aime que toi
T 99 - Anastasia
Cubik 22 - Night in motion
Pleasure Game - le dormeur
LA Style - James Brown is dead (sample)
Interactive - Who is elvis (loop)
Rozalla - Everybody's Free (acap)
Cartouche - Feel the Groove (Sample)
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - I Can't Help myself
DNA - La Serenissima
Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia (Loop)
Double Dee - Found Love
2 in a Room - Do what you want
Indra - Let's go Crazy (Loop)
Adeva - Respect (sample)
Cliviles & Cole - Pride (sample)
Lonnie Gordon - Gonna Catch you (a cappella mix)
C & C Music Factory - Gonna Make you Sweat (Remix)
2 For Joy - State
Crystal Water - Makin' Happy
Alison Lymerick - Where Love Lives
RSF - I'm too Sexy (Acap)
2 Horns : Reveil Trompette (sample)
Ya Kid K - Awesome
Clubland - Hold on (sample)
PWM - Are you Ready to move (sample)
Deee Lite - Groove is in the Heart
Art of Noise - Moments in Love (sample)


Enjoy, le maxximaniaques !

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