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Date: le 20 September 2001 à 20:29

<HTML>Voici une playlist assez techno de titres de l époque maxximum beaucoup peut etre meme tous sont passés sur cette grande et super radio.

petite partie de ma collection de disque et cd
fade x-curiosity
the hypnotist-hardcore your now the score
energizer-touch the energy(hardhouse mix)
mass hysteria-hadoc
space trax-deduction
the sound of now-it's time for house
trilithon 2x -children of the future et choice-
speedy j-evolution
k a 22-metamorphism
c'hantal-the realm
energy 52-state of mind
house of venus-dish&tell(bitch mix)
jam to it again-aquarius
tyrell corp-running
a homeboy a hippie &a funki dredd-total confusion
dhs-house of god
loose touch-bad on the heart
6 bells all-me the mailman
digital boy-rotation
scientist-the bee
acen-trip 2 the moon
six mullahs-persian lover
nation 12-electrofear
smart systems-2x-creator et tingler
photon inc-generated power
a split second-flesh
erotics dissidents-move your ass
shades of rhythm-2x-exorcist-sweet sensation-
zsa zsa laboum-tu veux ou tu veux pas
taste of sugar-hmmm hmm
time zone-the world of god
deadkirk's-2x-let's make some fuckin'noise et mr kirk your son is dead
neon-without control
digital bass-bass explosion
project one-roughneck
empire control-hi hi wani
dr felix-relax your body
two without hats-try yazz
joey beltram-get into life et the sound
mental mayhem-joey's riot
aphex twin-metapharstic
bazz 2x-house of fax-screen vision
fierce ruling diva-2x-rubb it in et atomix
human resource-dominator
dj seduction-hardcore heaven
isotonik-different strokes
coldcut feat lisa stansfield-people hold on
meng syndicat-sonar system
mno-god of abraham
the minutemen-ok,alright-club mix-
the ambassadore-communism is gone
george kranz-helmut kohl ist tod
adam x-lost in hell
air of gloom-meditation
dr phibes-the story
plexus-raw mission
liaisons d-the rhythm
b-side vol 1-electrain,compression,just another 909 beat.
digital boy-this is mutha f.....
the noisemaster-take you there
funf 4 fun-relax your body
precious-in motion(definition of rap)la version instrumental etait souvent utilisé en fond musical sur maxximum
ravebusters-power plant-et mitrax(metropolis remix svp)
tom tom-replay
dfb feat walter barbaria-nessun dorma(club mix)
the maxx-techno time
the todd terry project-just wanna dance sur la face b weekend
twin hype-do it to the crowd
force legato-system
d mob-c' mon and get my love
sly and robbie-dance hall
808 state vs mc tunes-the only
don pablo's animals-ibiza et venus
two little boys-stylophonia
the beat club-security
gino latino-welcome
apollo 440-destiny
egyptian empire-the horn track
dj carl cox-i want you
trip 2001-hysteria-"ca date de 1992"
wishdokta-evil surrounds et wasted
pour noel:santa hardcore-merry tekkno'
zero zero-zeroxed
n.a.m-hot chili
nightbreed-no other
new decade-get the message
out of the ordinary-play it again (medley)
torsten fenslau"no more uggly germans compilation"le titre:educate the masses.
dr baker-kaos

bon y a beaucoup de techno,j'aimais bien ca à l'epoque,j'espere que certains trouveront leurs bohneur.Tout les titres sont sorties entre 88 et 92.


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